Allen’s Liqueurs, AM/PM Arco, Arbor Mist, Avon Books, Azar Nut Company, Bacardi, Balance Bar, Bank of America, Beech Nut, Betty Crocker, Best Foods, Borden, Budget Gourmet, California Iceberg Lettuce Commission, Carnation, Celestial Seasonings, Chevron, Chiquita, Conroy’s Flowers, Crowley Foods, Crystal Geyser, Dole, Del Monte, Dubouchett, Frito-Lay, General Foods, General Mills, Hallmark, Heinz, Keebler, Kraft, Laura Scudder’s, Lindsay Olives, Little Debbie’s, McDonald’s, M&M Mars, Mountain Sun, Nabisco, Northland Cranberries, Orange Julius, Oscar Mayer, Parmalat, People Magazine, Pharmavite, Publix Supermarkets, Ragu, Ready Pac, Seven Eleven, Shasta, Sparklett’s McKesson, Spice Islands, Visa, and Wegman’s Markets.

Judy has been illustrating professionally since 1981, but she also published a book of mazes while in Middle School. Her technique can be described as photorealistic, mixed-media (dye/watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, markers). Her renderings of food, florals, and products have been published on packages, newspaper and magazine inserts, billboards, greeting cards, and fine-art prints and posters.